How Does the Bexplus Affiliate Program Work?
Double rewards!
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    Share your affiliate link or code

    Promote Bexplus and share your affiliate link or code on social platforms or groups etc.

  • Reward 1.
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    New user registered

    Once the new user successfully registered via your link or code and traded, you are eligible to have registration reward.

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    Rewards payment

    Affiliate's rewards will be settled twice every month and will be paid in Bitcoins.

  • Reward 2.
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    New user traded on Bexplus

    You receive up to 50% of transaction fee from your referee 's transaction

Example Calculation

On 3rd of this month, John referred one user (Jane) who registered via John's referral link or code, and Jane also successfully placed a buy position with 0.1BTC.

On 16th of this month, John will receive 0.002 BTC (equal to $10) as referral bonus for referring Jane, and he will also receive another 0.00405 BTC (30% of the trading fee) as the trading commission.

So John will reveive 0.00505BTC ≈$50 in this case.(Settle in Bitcoin)

Why promote Bexplus?
powerful affiliate loop
Double Rewards
Data Transparency
Cross-platform Support
Professional Cryptocurrency Exchange with 100x Leverage
Partner's Support

100% Deposit bonus

All deposits can be granted a 100% margin bonus, which facilitates referee to trade more actively and also doubles the affiliate's commission.

Marketing support

Bexplus marketing team provides varies of supports including customized campaigns and materials tailored to different needs.

Affiliate system

Industry leading affiliate backend system, transparent commission reports and details.

Grow your affiliate network fast!
Share referral link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms
Create a video review of Bexplus and post it on YouTube or other platforms
Promote your referral link in trading discussion or relevant platforms like Telegram
Post a blog describing the benefits of trading on Bexplus

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