• What is Bexplus affiliate program?and do we do to participate the program?

    Bexplus affiliate program's main purpose is to attract more clients to trade on Bexplus via affiliates' reference, and our affiliates can also make profit by referring us to more people.

  • What is "unsettled balance"?

    The affiliate program will settle your reward twice every month:On 1st, the reward from 16th to the last day of last month will be settled; and on 16th, the reward from 1st to 16th this month will be settled.So for example, on 10th, your reward from 1st to 10th is defined as unsettled balance.

  • What is registration reward?

    Once the referee registered via your referral link or code traded for the first time on Bexplus, you can earn registration reward. The total registration reward depends on how many referees you referred to Bexplus and the commission reward per referee at the time.

  • What is commission reward?

    Once your referee traded, Bexplus will charge them trading fee, and part of their trading fee will be shared with you as commission reward.

  • What is the balance that I can withdraw?

    Once your reward is settled, you are able to withraw the balance.

  • How often is the data updated?

    Usually the data from affiliate system will be updated in real-time. For mobile end, installation and trading data will be updated every 1 or 2 hours. (Update may be delayed during maintenance, but the delay should be within 12 hours)

  • I haven't reveived my reward but the balance in my affiliate account has been deducted, why?

    This is normal, don't worry. Becuase usually it takes time for the block to confirm the transaction.

  • Are there any restrictions of Bexplus affiliate program?

    Please follow the rules below:

    Do not register yourself by using your own referral link or help others to register, otherwise you affiliate account will be banned.

    Do not use any misleading or false approaches to promote Bexplus.

    Do not use any spam to attract traffic, like bots, plugs, or virus.

    Please contact our professional investment consultant to know more details.

  • Examples

    Assume that your standard reward is (registration reward: 0.002BTC, commission reward rate:15%), and you also participated our event of June (registration reward: 0.001BTC, commission reward rate:15%),then your total reward rate should be registration reward: 0.003BTC, commission reward rate:30%.

    Your referee John successfully registered on 3rd this month, and placed a buy position with 0.1BTC on 17th, and Bexplus charged him 0.00675BTC trading fee, and you can earn 0.002025BTC as commission reward.On 1st of next month you will receive 0.00405 BTC registration reward and 0.003 BTC commission reward.

    So there will be that can be withdrawn. When you successully referred one client and he/she traded once (open/close), you can earn 0.00705 BTC which is equal to 68.86USD.(1BTC≈9766USD)